onsdag den 26. december 2012

Hunting Tree Frogs

Being amphibious Stig, Peter and I went to Moesgaard to listen to Tree Frogs May 2010. They are quite audible, but I'm sorry to say that the video is of a poor quality. However there is much to learn from these experienced biologists, if you ever wish to catch frogs. We caught both Tree Frogs and Crested Newts.

Ras Mohammed

On the 31st april 2010 Anne, Simon and I went to Ras Mohammed to enjoy the beautiful underwater landscape there. Here are some impressions from our dives.

torsdag den 22. april 2010

Training at Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt, March 28-30th

Finally in Egypt! I've been looking forward to visiting the Blue Hole in Egypt for a long time, and it was fantastic to dive in warm, deep, clear water!
(It's difficult to find spots deeper than 15 meters in Denmark without a boat!)

This was my first time training Free Imersion and Constant Weight. We trained with Freedive Dahab. Linda was a great instructor, and gave me useful feed-back. My deepest dive was 36 meters, which I am quite satisfied with. It's awesome hanging at the end of the line, feeling the depth!

Diving with sharks March 24th 2010

Stig was training for a new Guinness world record and invited me to join him at Kattegatcentret for a training session with sharks. Here we freedived with a bunch of different shark species including sandbar sharks, nurse sharks, black tip and white tip reef sharks. It was a thrilling experience to dive with sharks. They were very calm and curious. Some of them swam close to us and one even brushed me with its fins!

onsdag den 21. april 2010

Freediving under ice March 6th 2010

This cool winter has frozen the lakes and provided us with the opportunity to go below ice. Stig Åvall Severinsen set a new Guinness world record in diving under ice. He swam 72 meters wearing only goggles and trunks! Brr... Watch it here.

Freedivers from Aarhus Freediving Club enjoyed relocating training to a cool environment. A great opportunity for training dynamic with a "roof" over our heads.
More to come...

torsdag den 11. februar 2010

Slush Ice

A cold winter has been upon us for some time now, so after battling and toiling webpages, blogs and galleries the sun drove Stig and I out for a quick dive. The sun shone comforting and invitingly through the window today, but at the same time made Stig's office stuffy and excruciating - we simply had to take a dive!
I used the opportunity to make a personal appearance and welcome you all to my Blog.

onsdag den 28. oktober 2009

A flower below the surface

Simon and I decided to try out the northern pier of Århus harbour. We soon found that summer temperatures have subsided. The sea being 9° C! Brr...
We only spotted small cod, but during the dive I noticed this "flower" which I had to photograph. It looks like a Metridium senile, a common species in the Northern seas.